Outstanding Wiredtree Hybrid Technology

I started making use of WiredTree Hosting's services a week ago. The change was so much more fluid than the uptime at our former host A2 Hosting that I believe no one even realized that it was conducted. Not comprehending what or how the transition of our website to the new hosting server was going to end up, I was afraid of it and put off the relocation for months.

However, WiredTree's service staff, proved to me in no uncertain terms that the transfer was a prudent one.

For well over a year, I was hosted at A2 Hosting. We were not happy with them in any way as their downtime was well below average and the standard of their service crew left much to be desired. In spite of our unhappiness, we kept on with them for two primary reasons: they were affordable and we were fearful! What enticed us to A2 Hosting were the very affordable plans which were supposedly unlimited (we will talk at length about this we will talk at length about this afterwards). We were forking over less than $10 a month.

On the fear side, although I'm pretty tech-savvy, changing web servers terrified me. We also had to switch from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Being a novice to the ins and outs of the hosting operations, I had the idea that the switch would take a lot of time and be loaded with technical pitfalls. What with running a full-time law practice, I could not afford to devote much more time handling server operations.

We would not have minded staying with A2 Hosting in spite of its lacks as a consequence of it being so low-priced and because of the stress of the shift. But we just lately got a notice that we were implementing too many resources on an limitless package. I'm still baffled about what A2 Hosting believes as too many resources being employed on their unrestricted plan. Well, the last straw was when A2 informed us we had a week to relocate.

Somebody introduced me to WiredTree and that's what we decided on.

Of course, I am only writing this founded on my own experiences, but other clients may beg to differ.

WiredTree is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. and it's not hard to see why. I would endorse WiredTree to those who require a VPS or a dedicated server. I've been with these people for two years now and have had no problem with them.

We had to fork out about $50 each month for our new server, but what a difference in their service! What really confirmed to me that we'd made the right relocate was the high standard of safety measures and technical aid presented. At A2, my support tickets would take hours to receive a reply. At WiredTree, I received an answer in minutes. After I placed an order, I even took a call from WiredTree to validate it. (Real, live human beings answering phones!)

The installation was fast, and then a customer support person guided me right from copying our former host, sending it to our new server, and relocating our website names. Everything was done in an hour. You may be a technophobe and feel very inadequate and unconfident in relation to computer technicalities like this, but be assured that WiredTree's support staff will skillfully and productively guide you through the process swiftly and smoothly. The move from A2 Hosting to WiredTree Hosting was so fluid that it's not strange nobody was knowledgeable of it. We have zero regrets with our selection of our new web server, WiredTree.


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